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Ever since I can remember I've had a camera in my hands and was obsessed with "documenting the moment" as I would say and fell in love with the way you can freeze a moment in time and create something tangible with it. The way that you can look at one photo and immediately go right back to that moment in time and remember exactly how it felt. Here’s my heart behind all of this: I want your photos to feel like you. I describe my style as timeless, true to color with a vintage  film-y touch. Never forced, always authentic. No photo too posed or over thought. I capture whats happening: the natural, genuine & beautiful moments. 

the girl behind the camera!


I'm an enneagram 3w2 and I resonate with it so hard. Known to be ambitious, personable & caring! I'm also a Leo Sun, Taurus Moon & Virgo Rising if you're into that sorta thing. (; Basically someone who comes off confident but in reality is the biggest softy in the whole world and just wants a hug lol.  I consider myself to be an extroverted introvert & when I'm not photographing people in love, you can find me browsing target aimlessly as a form of self-care or blasting Taylor Swift in the car, or anywhere for that matter. I love sour candy and prefer tea lattes over coffee. I have a slight obsession with denim pants and you'll see me wearing them over leggings 9 times outta 10, - typically paired with my rainbow sandals, a true Californian at heart lol.



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Big Daddy

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When I first met Vivian, I was captivated by her bubbly personality that truly made you feel like you were best friends. We were pretty nervous before taking our engagement photos cause it was my first “photo shoot”, nonetheless, Vivian was there to guide us through all the poses while at the same time make us look natural. She made us laugh and feel so comfortable the whole time. Now fast forward to our wedding day…..Vivian will make your vision come true!!! Vivian blew us and our family out of the water with her talent. There is not ONE picture we do not like from our full gallery (I’m being completely honest). We added her video services as well, and in return we got a “music video” of our wedding & I felt like a celebrity! The video was spectacular and captured all the right moments! The full gallery and video were sent to us so quickly, given her busy schedule! Her kindness and talent are not to be taken for granted, we love you Viv! Thank you for all the wonderful memories you captured.


Vivian blew us and our family out of the water with her talent. 

Vivian was by far the best possible person to choose for our photographer on our special day. As soon as I saw her on wedding day I felt some form of relief as if I was seeing a long time friend for the first time in a while. She was far more than the photographer she was practically my assistant and ALWAYS made sure I was good no matter what was happening. As the bride, you need that more than anything on such a big day. On top of her being my right hand woman, her work and her vision exceed any and all expectations. You will be SO pleased with everything she has to bring to the table. Thank you Vivian!!!


"Vivian is just the best! I would never hire another photographer."

benit & uri

Viv is an absolute ~dream~ of a photographer! I originally found her by scouring wedding photographer hashtags on Insta and was blown away by her work. After our consultation, I knew she was the one for us--she is so stinking easy to talk to, her work is amazing, and it's imperative that my photographer is a fellow Swiftie. Fast forward to our engagement session where my fiancé and I had an absolute blast and have the pictures to prove it! I thought I would be super nervous in front of the camera but Vivian was incredible at making us feel comfortable and gently directed us into poses. We had so much fun, the pictures were absolutely incredible, and my fiancé will randomly bring up how glad he is that we found a photographer like Viv! We are so incredibly stoked to have her capture our special day next year :)

VivIAN is an absolute ~dream~ of a photographer! 

Look no further because Vivian is your girl! We found Vivian after our original photographer backed out of our contract less than 6 months out from our wedding day. Vivian was quick to respond to our inquiry, set up a personalized zoom call to go over details, and offered so much extra assistance throughout the planning process (e.g., outfit guides for engagement shoot, etc.). My husband and I are so shy and Vivian took the extra time to make us comfortable with the process and bring out our unique personalities during both the engagement session and on our wedding day. I can't say enough good things about her work, her professionalism, and her passion for photography. Do yourself a favor and BOOK VIVIAN!


"Saying I love my wedding pHOTOS is an understatement, I’m OBSESSED!"

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